TED talks

for bgC3

iF wrote, designed and produced TED talks for David Christian and Salman Khan.

The Challenge

Rise above TED’s high bar

Reinvent education in 18 minutes — and then tell the entire history of the universe in the next 18.

The solution

Capturing imaginations

In partnership with bgC3, we wove words and visuals into cohesive narratives for two of Bill Gates’ favorite educators.

A Basic Puzzle: How does the Universe make complexity?

Quote: “If this does not blow your mind, then you have no emotion.”

Impact by the numbers

Standing Ovations
views of Kahn’s TED talk
views of Christian’s TED talk
more traffic to khanacademy in < 6 months

Ideas worth spreading

Go to Khan Academy to learn more about Sal Khan’s work.

Head to the Big History Project to learn more about the high school course based on David Christian’s work.

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