Data Supply Chain

for Microsoft

iF worked with the Cloud & Enterprise team at Microsoft to produce two videos that show the future of business powered by intelligent systems.

Data Vision Video: We show a “day in the life” of 3 businesses: a farm, a distributor, and an ice cream shop using business analytics to make decisions.

TEASER VIDEO: We added narration and re-edited to create a new story.

The Challenge

Bring business decisions to life

Show a vision for the future of a small, medium, and large business as they each use data analytics in new and surprising ways to make daily business decisions.

The solution

One shoot, two stories

iF produced two videos that show how combining data, the cloud, and machine intelligence leads to smarter, more proactive decisions. Seeing data analytics at work in unfamiliar places helps us to see its potential in a new light.

Publishing Business Data: Our farmer and the farms around her publish their data to the cloud so it is discoverable.

Future analytics: We imagined graphic interfaces that enable fast decisions.

Predictive Analytics: Our ice cream shop owner uses social and sentiment analytics to create new flavor combinations.

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