Empathy Agent

for Concur Technologies

We created an interactive tool to illustrate a typical customer journey from initiation to support in a way that is understandable to any employee.

The Challenge

Can empathy be institutional?

How do you get thousands of employees in hundreds of different roles around the world to understand the journey of individual customers?

The solution

A tool for transformation

Sometimes the only way to see something is to put it up on the wall. We created giant maps — and ultimately an interactive guide — to illustrate a typical customer journey and highlight all the ways it could be smoother.

EMPATHY AGENT: The interactive tool allows employees to see where problems arise in the customer journey so they can work together to address them.

AN EARLY EXPLORATION: The customer journey map took many forms before we landed on the most impactful, data-driven story.

Impact by the numbers

design approaches explored
customer journey maps
executive workshops
employees using a new interactive tool

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