for bgC3 & Common Sense Media

We partnered to design and develop a teacher-focused website that offers unbiased educational product ratings and reviews.

The Challenge

Finding good online teaching tools

How can teachers with little time to spare identify and evaluate online learning products?

The solution

A tool for truth

We partnered with bgC3 and Common Sense Media to develop a website that provides unbiased product ratings and reviews for teachers. We continue to conduct periodic user research and give strategic guidance to ensure that the tool lives up to its promise.

Guidance at your fingertips: We developed high fidelity prototypes to show how teachers might discover great products.

Impact by the numbers

Graphite certified educators
products reviewed on Graphite
empowered educators each month

More information

Are you an educator looking for the best apps, games, and websites for the classroom? Visit Common Sense Media’s platform.

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