Data-Driven Education

for the Shared Learning Collaborative

We produced a brand system, a storytelling framework, a vision video and guidance for developers to create useful products for teachers.

The Challenge

Show data’s potential

What would it take for technology to enable personalized learning for every student?

The solution

A toolkit for tomorrow’s education

After a series of research studies with teachers, we created prototypes and detailed scenarios to inspire, guide and equip app developers. We brought these scenarios to life with an envisioning video that shows what the future could look like if the right people had secure access to the right data.

inBloom TEASER: We created a short video to promote the inBloom vision.

Communication solution: Teachers wanted an easier way to interact with parents.

Facilitating cohorts: We explored different ways teachers might gather students for activities.

Enabling remote access: Teachers can prepare for classes at home and access work anywhere.

Impact by the numbers

Teachers interviewed
application scenarios identified
envisioning video
software prototype

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