Individual Learning Maps

for the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

An adaptive learning prototype to help individuals understand what they know and what they need to learn in order to master a subject.

The Challenge

Maps as motivation

Can a learning map do more than just show a student her journey through course content? Can it become a tool for inspiring progress?

The journey

We spent months with students and experts iterating on approaches and designs to circle in on a seemingly simple idea – that showing kids their progress could lead to faster learning.

The solution

A more engaging learning environment

We crafted an early prototype of a tool that diagnoses student needs, introduces learning content and helps students track their learning progress. We also built in a system of choices and rewards that had students begging for more.

An engaging interface: Students sign in and answer questions to establish a baseline skill level.

A Wayfinding tool: As students continue, they earn points and fill in a learning map.

Two trains: An update to the classic problem — showing how the learning map might include engaging instructional content.

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