Mobile Chronicles

for BlackBerry

We designed Chronicle, a prototype app that turns every week into a story by blending data from phone, social media and the world nearby.

The Challenge

A brand campaign sans campaign

Our challenge was to extend, enhance and promote BlackBerry — not through a traditional digital campaign — but by creating a new product experience that would resonate with users and create brand buzz.

The solution

An experience called “Chronicle”

In a matter of weeks, we turned two concepts into high fidelity visualizations, assessed their feasibility and authored detailed functional specs. With a couple of clicks, anyone with a BlackBerry would be able to create and share gorgeous life blogs.

LIFE IS EPIC: Chronicle turns every week into a story worth sharing by blending data from your phone, social media and the world around you.

Impact by the numbers

Concepts in 27 days
Customer journey
Actionable concepts

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