Mobile Data for the Developing World

We created a modern web-based experience that shows how mobile data can be harnessed to improve lives in the most vulnerable communities.

The Challenge

Build a case for using mobile data

Data in the developing world remains scarce. How can we leverage the mobile phone revolution — while still respecting individual privacy — to better inform development efforts around the world?

The solution

Reveal the potential

A connected suite of stories and simulations show mobile data’s potential for revolutionizing healthcare, disaster response and financial services for the poor.

Disaster data visualization: The interaction above compares the ways that emergency officials with and without mobile data could respond to a disaster.

Health minister’s dashboard: This interaction explores three ways mobile data could help a health minister achieve better outcomes.

Expanding financial inclusion: This interaction shows how mobile data could unleash the power of digital financial services.

In Summary: This short video explains the untapped promise of mobile data.

Impact by the numbers

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